What We Are

Trans Global Storage Systems is a solution-based organization that works in the business-to-business sales structure to provide innovative efficiency oriented systems to all types of businesses and industrial organizations. Based in Minneapolis, we cover the Midwest Region and have also delivered solutions to companies in 9 different countries and 48 states nationwide.

What We Impact

We will work to reduce your organizations operating expenses by developing solutions that will enhance and redefine your strategies in regards to (productivity, floor space, and information). Furthermore, this will provide for you a better working and goal oriented mission for your employees. This focus will enhance your quality and customer fulfillment for your products and services. How we can impact your business include:

  • Optimizing your facility‚Äôs floor space and vertical space
  • Organizing inventory and information to boost productivity and eliminate clutter
  • Improving employee accuracy and reducing errors
  • Enhancing workflow productivity and removing bottlenecks that waste time
  • Establishing systematic information systems to comply with regulations
  • Enhancing security to reduce pilferage
  • Providing ergonomic solutions to enhance productivity and reduce worker compensation claims
  • Improving employee morale to promote industry leadership

How We Work

Our experienced sales staff will work closely with your organizations key employees to develop and provide a concept that will address all phases of the application. We will conduct a survey, analysis, drawings and proposals to provide a solution to your needs When a decision is made we provide a factory certified and bonded installation team the whole process of the installation process. After installation, we will provide for storing plans and training for all levels of personnel. Areas that we specialize in:

Law Enforcement and Office Environments: We will provide effective solutions to save space and enhance productivity in your facility.

Commercial Material Handling: We develop solutions for storage using products such as automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) systems, compact pallet racks, mezzanines, wire cages, and much more.

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Contact Us

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